Studies show that couples can lose sexual tension and passion just one year in. And to get it back you need to apply ingenuity, thought and effort.

There are several sure ways to rekindle the fire of love.

1. Adventure

Do something that makes you a bit scared and on edge. Do roller-coasters, go kayaking or play some highly competitive sports. Scientists says that whenever your body produces adrenaline, you get lust all over you.

2. New things

If you’ve been thinking about the Indians, but your sweetheart is white, you can suggest some role-playing with sari and dances just like from those movies. Watch some porn and take notes from the Indian pornstars out there!

Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about some BDSM play, or shemales or threesomes. Share your reveries with gf. Openness is key in healthy relations.

3. Flirt

Yeap. It’s that simple. Smile and wink at your companion. Touch her, and maybe even grope her accidentally outside in public. Tell her compliments. This is not that hard to do but it can help you both feel it more.