There’s nothing wrong about that. We all have pretty weird sexual fantasies from time to time. And we aren’t saying that you should try and hook up with a ladyboy, but you can always explore this kink and learn to have fun thinking and fantasizing about it.

What to do?

First, you can watch some of the porn movies and decide which shemale pornstars are your favorites. They moan so loudly, their butts are so curvy and they are so flexible that you will love watching them and discovering the hidden world of this taboo porn genre.

Second, you can try out some of those sex dolls with penises in the form of transvestites. This might give you some satisfaction, allowing you to have some much-needed fun, while not exposing yourself to any risk or danger.

Third, if you are in a committed relationship, you can share your penchant with girls with dicks with your sweetheart. Maybe you can hook up with a cam girl like that. This will only bring you two together even more, breaking the boundaries in the most important field for you – sexual life and reveries.