You Tube Promotion and the Basic Rules

If you’re making videos, what is your goal? Are you trying to network or make money? Well, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to YouTube Promotion.

Your main goal is to gain attention and create repeat watchers.Promoting your videos, after all, spreads knowledge of who you are, what you’re trying to publicize, and what pulls in your profit. If you are going for a target audience, you will need to cater to that particular niche. If not, there are basic rules that cover all types of you tube promotion tactics. So here are the basics.

Getting attention

For YouTube promotion, you will first need to search for ways of engaging your audience. By engaging your audience, you cause them to pause and possibly enjoy the entire video. You would be surprised by how many videos are only partially watched due to immediate boredom. After all, losing the public’s interest will decrease your future views as well.

Then there is “word of mouth”, where one uninteresting video causes the audience to lose interest and so knowledge of the video stops right there. It’s common knowledge that if a YouTube video is entertaining, knowledge of this video will spread engaging, even more, people, and prompting them to take a look.

This is why most youtubers that you might be familiar with, always ask the audience to subscribe. All successful Youtubers ask the audience to subscribe.  It’s an absolute must to include this bit of information during the video, at some point.

Most Youtubers wait until the end of the video to mention this because it’s fresh on the audience’s mind. Most watchers can then subscribe, bringing all your future videos to their channel. If you want to be noticed, this is how you get that attention!

Promotional tools

Descriptions and banners are ways to draw more attention to your goal of YouTube promotion. Your goal is their subscription and so the descriptions and banners must stick in the mind of your audience creating a curiosity. It’s also important to always keep comments enabled on your YouTube videos, providing a way for feedback. What do we know about feedback? The audience loves being able to leave an opinion on your work!

Engage your audience

To make it much more stimulating, ask questions. This provides a way to get truthful comments about what you’re trying to convey in your videos. If you’re a gamer, interact with your audience about their opinions of the game, their suggestions on how to find codes and clues within the game, and inquire about other similar games that your audience may be interested in. There are all sorts of questions that you can ask which makes the audience feel needed and welcome.

Most people will return if they feel like their opinion is valued. Use shoutouts and even engage your audience in contest participation and reward systems during the video.

So, there you have it!

YouTube promotion isn’t difficult at all. You just have to know the basics. With these tools, you can soon see views increase and networking goals come to fruition. Honestly, it’s about dedication, repetition and keeping the dream alive.

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