The Shampoo that Your Hair Needs

A beautiful and healthy hair is a reflection of effective hair – care practices. One of the ways to achieve a beautiful shiny and healthy hair is through the use of shampoo. A shampoo is intended to be used to get rid of hair of sebum, sweat components, styling products, and environmental dirt.

The use of a shampoo that would provide your hair with the nourishment and protection that it needs becomes a complex task but is a necessity. These days, there are a lot of shampoos and fortifications intended to provide the best haircare you could have. But, nothing beats the naturally hair compatible silicone – free keratin shampoo that we give you.

 Knowing Keratin

Keratin is considered as the main component of the hair. It is a kind of protein formed by the 18 amino acids which are chemically combined. One of these amino acids is the sulfur – rich cysteine. Cysteine plays an important role in hair cohesion. Keratin fiber protein is water – soluble. Aside from being the main component of human hair, it also serves to nurture it as well.

How Valuable is Keratin

If insufficient keratin is produced, or if your hair is exposed to heat and low humidity, your hair is weakened and can die. The keratins give the hair elasticity and structure. The keratin fibers encapsulate the marrow cells of the hair, that is, the hair markers, creating a keratin fiber structure that surrounds the hair cells, which results in a tight, protective layer for each individual hair, making the hair, smooth, and strong.

The Keratin Effect

The cross – linking structure of keratin of keratin fibers positively impacts the hair. Keratin and its structural composition gives hair the firmness, elasticity, and smoothness that it needs. Keratin serves as a protective coating of the with its own fiber structure. It is also through this that nutrients get directly to the follicles. In addition, the fiber structure does not only create smooth hair, but also provides a protective layer that reflects light better and makes the hair shine even better.

The Hair Deserves the Best Treatment

Your hair deserves nothing but the best treatment you could afford. One of these ways is through the use of the shampoo with keratin. The use of keratin – enriched shampoo provides every woman the opportunity to indulge in hair care. Only silicone – free keratin shampoo should be used. You might think that silicone is good for the hair but it gives your hair a protective coating but a killing blow. Your hair does not deserve to be killed and we are here to help.

With our keratin – enriched shampoos, there is no doubt that your hair gets the best haircare that it deserves. Let us lead the way for you to reclaim your crowning glory.


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