The Importance of Typography logos

Typography as an art is really interesting, but using this art in branding elements like logos is a project in itself. Typography logo is done for book covers, marketing concepts. It is done with an idea to create something special by moving things around, making new letter forms and creating letterforms.

When it comes to typographylogos, one should always ask themselves, “Does the font and design match up to what the client wants and the concept they have in mind?” “Is it just the appearance or can the logo express so much more, in terms, of what the brand stands for?”

Below are the reasons why typography logos should be appropriate and effective towards its consumers:

  • Successful branding:

A brand is the personality of the business. It is the goodwill the customer has with the company. The primary aim of a brand is to attract people and gain profit from their interest and purchases. Typography plays a huge role in conveying the emotion of a brand to your customers, which leads to the creation of your brand. The logo becomes the identity of the brand that the customers feel connected to.

  • Avoiding compliance:

For a good typography logo, simplicity is key. When too many details have involved the complexity of the logo increases and the customer finds it hard to relate to your brand. Production-wise the printing of your logo also becomes a tedious task.

  • Uniqueness:

Having a unique logo that is successful with the customers is desired by every designer in the industry. If your typography logo even remotely resembles another logo then the credibility of the brand is jeopardized as well. By using the right font and design you are giving your logo an identity and this should be done in an appropriate and ethical manner.

  • Conveying the right message:

Choosing the right font for your typography logo is crucial. The proper font should convey the message what your brand stands for and what do they offer to their customer. You can’t use a casual font logo for a financial firm, it makes it look trivial and potential customers don’t take the company seriously.

  • Grabbing attention:

Grabbing an audience’s attention at the first glance is something that all companies crave for, but, this is no easy task to achieve. The logo is going to be used across all marketing platforms, through digital and traditional media. The typography logo will be displayed everywhere to make people aware of the brand. So, the logo should have appropriate color, font and above all, it should be legible.


It is pretty clear that typography plays a very important role when it comes to the creation of logos. They help establish a tone for the business and create a connection of goodwill with its potential and existing customers. To create the perfect logo for a company lots of brainstorming is required and by doing so designers can come up with a clear concept.

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