How To Get LoL PBE Account As Fast As Possible

League Of Legends

PBE, of Public Beta Environment, is a server where game developers test the features they want to add to the main game, but are still not sure about how much users really want them and how they would fit into the game at all. Overall, it’s really fun to play, as you start from level 30, get RP every day, and you would be one of the first ones to try out the features that the broad audience may not ever see. So, how can you get a League of Legends PBE account?

Official Way

Riot Games, the developer of LoL, has a way for you to become a tester. However, in order to get an access to the test server, your main League account has to comply with a couple of requirements:

  • Your main account must be honor level 3;
  • You shouldn’t have any bans or restrictions during your player history.

Although these requirements are pretty simple and completely valid, there is no way for you to get access to PBE if you don’t satisfy them. Furthermore, your account’s background check can take some time before you’ll be able to play on a test server. So, is there another answer to the question “How to get LoL PBE account?”

League Of Legends

Unofficial way

If your account doesn’t meet the requirements or you are unwilling to wait and want to get your account right away, you can buy a League of Legends PBE account. It is an easy and safe solution, and you will be able to play games on the test server only a couple of minutes after your payment. Furthermore, it is a great way of getting a second PBE account. In order to make another PBE account officially, you’d need to grind on a new account in the main game. This path saves you lots of time and you’d be able to check out the newest League of Legends features whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

Although there is an official way of getting a League of Legend PBE account, it is not always viable. If it’s not a suitable solution for you, don’t hesitate and purchase a test server account for the best price. It will definitely be worth your while and you won’t regret it. Public Beta Environment is a lot of fun despite some technical problems that sometimes occur there. However, you will be able to find out about the newest LoL features, and test out new awesome skins and abilities!

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