As The Promotional Products Industry Booms, Printers Benefit From Ecommerce Technology

The promotional products industry is booming. It’s not just large companies and big brands that want an easy way to promote whatever they’re offering; smaller organizations and individuals have fully embraced design and print-on-demand services for everything from t-shirts and travel mugs, to car accessories and office supplies.

According to Promotional Products Association International, the promotional products market is worth $23.3 billion dollars and it’s on the rise—with a 9.31 percent increase last year. As more and more people have leveraged technology to start promoting all manner of endeavors, such as podcasts, YouTube channels, independently published books, and more, they need appealing marketing resources that are also easy to produce. Promotional products like t-shirts and stickers are an opportunity to not only spread the word, they have become an important component which can be used to connect with fans and build communities.

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But as customers demand more customization options, faster turnaround time, and competitive pricing, printers and promotional products manufacturers are dealing with major challenges. Older specification methods that are focused more on serving industrial and corporate clientele don’t serve today’s independent producers and marketers. One of the make or break factors in capturing opportunity in this growing market is ensuring online sales capabilities can handle the demand and expectations of this growing body of customers.

Many companies struggle to find and implement capable e-commerce platforms that accommodate modern shoppers seeking custom goods. Basic wholesale or distributor ecommerce software isn’t designed to handle the unique order specification and fulfillment process that comes with selling promotional products online. Customers are looking for a purchasing experience that’s as simple and streamlined as ordering standard, out-of-the-box products. Companies that are unable to cater to that type of buyer, even when providing custom printed goods, will lose business to competitors that can.

Fortunately, some ecommerce platform providers have developed solutions that are suitable for this growing industry. A prime example of this can be seen from companies like WebJaguar, which serves many companies in the promotional products industry. They create modular ecommerce software that can be customized to needs of printers and custom product wholesalers that now serve non-industrial, non-corporate customers in addition to their traditional clients.

Ecommerce software designed specifically for promotional product producers and printers can make a big difference when it comes to capturing new opportunities in the promotional marketplace. Printers and manufacturers that choose to leverage these tools are usually better prepared to cope with shifts in consumer behaviors and expectations, and are able to rise to meet new demands for their services.

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